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Zoomlion Tower Cranes

From standard tower cranes to solutions designed for heavy loads, Zoomlion Italia will become your reliable partner for lifting.

Standard or round-section flat top cranes in the Zoomlion range. Reliability, speed, ease of assembly, and maintenance are our key factors.

"Round" Structure
Tower cranes have a round-section structure that allows for high performance: greater wind resistance, greater free height, simple assembly (connection with fewer pins), and transport optimization.

Standard Tower Cranes
Our standard tower cranes are the benchmark for lifting in various contexts. With innovative designs and cutting-edge technologies, these cranes offer reliable performance and versatility on every construction site.

Tower Cranes for Heavy Loads
When it comes to lifting heavy loads in challenging environments, our specialized tower cranes come into play. Designed to withstand exceptional challenges, these cranes provide the power needed to lift demanding loads safely and efficiently.

Designed to Last
Every Zoomlion crane is designed to last over 30 years, thanks to numerous simulations (even in extreme conditions) combined with experimental verifications, for over 100,000 cycles tested at maximum tension. Tower cranes are certified FEM 1.001, EN14439, EN13001, DIN15018.

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