Zoomlion Concrete Pumps

The Zoomlion truck-mounted concrete pumps stand out for its ease of use, ranging from pumps with a 36-meter long boom to those with a 56-meter boom. Our truck-mounted concrete pumps are designed to offer unparalleled performance, ensuring precise and fast distribution on every construction site. 

Discover all the truck mounted pump models! They are all easy and ready to work!

Making Construction Easy
The boom positioning is made intuitive and easy to use. The boom sections can be precisely configured to reach every corner of the construction site, even in tight spaces, reducing work times. With booms ranging from 36 to 56 meters, there will always be the right model to choose with the maximum pumping capacity, precision, and required execution speed. The structural strength and rigidity of the sections ensure limited oscillations even on the longer booms. The working speed ensures the complete extension of the boom and its perfect positioning in a few minutes.

Stabilization in Tight Spaces
The right combination for the best stabilization and minimal footprint. Operations are always guaranteed without limitations. The opening of the stabilizers can be easily adapted to the working area thanks to integrated controls. Moreover, the system recognizes the configuration of the stabilizer opening and manages the boom rotation to ensure maximum safety.

Limitless Pumping Unit
Get the maximum in performance and control. The pumping unit works with all types of concrete, regardless of size and type, allowing operation with maximum flow and without issues in all working conditions. Four pumping units, all electronically controlled and each created to perfectly adapt to the boom’s dimensions, equalizing the large capacity and cycles per minute. Two different technologies: open loop for lower power consumption and simplicity of control; closed loop for higher working capacity with the 56-meter boom. Both solutions offer easy maintenance and are completely dismountable.

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